When communicating means listening.

When communicating means listening.

Think about the last time you were at a business function (or awkward social gathering of your choosing). Did you enjoy meeting the people who talked incessantly about themselves, or those that wanted to know more about you?

The most interesting people are interested people – those who sincerely want to know you and relate to you based on the person you are. In short, they listen to you – really listen – and not just wait for their turn to talk. The same goes for good agency/client relationships, and even brand communications.

We’ve found that to have a brand “talk” effectively, we first have to listen - to clients’ concerns, perspectives and the inevitable knowledge they have about their company and industry. At the same time, we have to hear what the target audience wants. How do they understand the brand? How do they interact with the client’s products, and how do their wants and needs fit with the benefits we offer? It’s at this intersection between client and target that the real conversation begins.

There is much to learn in consumer anecdotes, the salesforce’s war stories,

a clients’ insider-industry perspectives, in-jokes and even discerning the meaning of what’s not said. These are the areas where you truly learn the insights into a client’s business and the particular forces that make all the pieces fit together, from researching a product or offering and bringing it to

the market, to discerning insights on how a target audience is responding to

an offering.

The obvious insights into a client’s brand or services are easy to talk about, and they make for great starting places. But the most powerful brand insights reveal themselves in the quiet spaces. You just have to listen. (It will make you an unbelievable conversationalist.)