How not to complexify your life.

How not to complexify your life.

Every once in a while we get the opportunity to see other folks in our business present themselves to prospective clients. We see this as a great opportunity to learn and improve. We recently encountered a competitor presenting themselves in a unique way: By making their approach, process and deliverables as complex and mind-numbing as possible. There were brand cohesion graphs, there were social integration flow charts, there were long titles, and in the end, there was nothing for this prospect to grab onto or make memorable.

It was an important reminder that nobody, in their personal or their business life, has ever said, “I need to complexify my life.”

You’ve also never heard:

“I really like the way that commentator made that idea hard to understand.”

“I enjoy speakers who talk a long time before making their point.”

“I wish the beer ads in the Superbowl would spend more time explaining the fermentation process.”

We often sound like a broken record when we say it, but it is very near to our hearts, and something we work to do every single day. From your overall strategic direction, to the creative premise, to a Facebook post, to a single ad in a single medium, you should be endlessly asking, “how can we make it simpler?"

Simple is power. Simple gives you impact. Simple leads to action.

Simple is success.

Are you a simplifier, or a complexifier?