When looking forward leads to backward thinking.

When looking forward leads to backward thinking.

Every smart advertiser knows that in order to succeed, you are constantly looking ahead with key questions in mind:

• What are we going to accomplish?

• How can we anticipate people’s wants and needs?

• How is the fundamental relationship changing between our product/service and customers?

These core considerations should always be top-of-mind as you maintain, manage and create campaigns designed to accomplish your objectives. However, looking ahead too far when it comes to tactics is an error we see repeatedly. Especially when it comes to new digital channels, social media and tactical options that may not be based in reality.

The desire to implement cutting-edge communications quite often supersedes the common sense of focusing on your objectives, the target audience and what makes your product unique. Add to that the seductive lure of instant tracking (as opposed to long-term ROI) and you have a recipe for wasted resources.

Digital and social media options are growing and can be extremely effective when implemented at the right time, with the right audience and adhering to your core brand premise.

But, plan your tactics to the reality of your identity, target audience and the actual use of mediums and channels at the time of the campaign, or you might find your career having a Second Life.