Working in the advertising time zone.

Working in the advertising time zone.

Successful campaigns require a lot of thought, creativity and talented people to bring them to life. But one of the most overlooked elements is patience.

In advertising, it’s all too common to hear, “that’s not working, let’s do something else.” It’s the marketing equivalent of “I want it now.”

This can happen just days or weeks into a campaign. You’ll hear it from people who do not understand that a consumer decision is not just an action, but rather a process that sometimes takes moments, hours, months or even years.

Most success in advertising requires time to gain momentum and move consumers through a decision, or prepare them for when they will be making a decision in the future.

If you’ve built a strong, smart campaign that communicates a clear benefit and find that it’s initially producing little or no short-term results, give it time.

The results will come.