Our approach to advocacy is driven by three key principles: collaboration, insight and creativity. Through collaboration, we build a foundation based on a solid understanding of your objectives and target audience, which ultimately delivers superior results. Insight is finding the single, compelling idea that will influence our audience. And creativity is communicating that one, simple insight in a vibrant way through the right media, to make a difference. Our philosophy is focused on strengthening your connection to your target and accomplishing your objectives.

We like to work with people who understand the value of planning and share our passion for creating communications that stand out in the Beltway and beyond, ultimately delivering results.


As your strategic partner, 3 Advertising brings fresh thinking to a Beltway landscape we know. We understand how Washington, DC, works, and how to influence an audience in a way that can shape the future of your organization and industry.

There is no such thing as “off the shelf” at 3 Advertising. We approach each of your needs with a strategy tailored to your organization. The best political brand management and issue advocacy comes with fresh but thoughtful thinking and efficient implementation.

The leadership at 3 will focus on and work with you to find what’s best for your campaign given your goals and resources. We have a bias for planning and thinking, and that puts you in the strongest position when it is time for action.


Our in-house services include:

  • Strategy development
  • Message development
  • Creative development
  • Media planning
  • Event planning
  • Congressional communications
  • Video production
  • TV, radio and print production
  • Website, digital design and production
  • Ongoing project management

Chris Thorne

Managing Director, Washington, DC
PHONE: 202-699-1016